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"Miracle-Sliding-Door-Track" System

We can get your sliding

glass doors working

like NEW again !

We are the local stockists and installers of the patented "Miracle Sliding Door Track" repair system.


When your sliding door track is worn or damaged beyond repair, we can fit a replacement, using the new Miracle Sliding Door Track.

There is absolutely no point in replacing worn rollers to a badly damaged or worn sliding-door-track, when fixing the track first is the only long term solution.

You will simply be throwing your money away, as the replaced rollers will fail again if used on a damaged track!

The patented Miracle Sliding Door Track is a super hard stainless steel capping track, which is permanently fixed over the existing damaged track, using no visible fixings.


It is an affordable, cost effective permanent repair system, used in conjunction with the replacement of good quality rollers, and using the correct roller & carriage assembly to suit your door type.

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'Miracle' Track.

Slides like new again !!