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"Miracle-Sliding-Door-Track" System

We can get your sliding

glass doors working

like NEW again !

Sliding Doors

  • Replacement Rollers.
  • Repair/Replace damaged tracks.
  • Replacement Locks/Handle sets.
  • Patio Bolts for added security.

Using the correct product for each individual door.

(There is no such thing as a "Roller" that will fit all doors !!)

Sliding Windows

  • Replacement Rollers & Guides.
  • Replace broken latches/locks.
  • Chain Winders (wind-out Windows).
  • Spiral Sash Balances, for double hung up/down Windows.
  • Window Locks for added security.

Security Door / FlyScreen repairs

  • Lock and handle sets.
  • Self Closers.
  • Broken Hinges.
  • Replacement Rollers/Guides.
  • Re-mesh torn/damaged Flywire.

Pet Doors...

We supply & install Cat/Dog pet doors for your precious Fur-Babies !!


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Sometimes the internal support structure for roller assemblies is so damaged or corroded, that most companies will only offer you a replacement door- frame, as they have NO

other alternative !


However, we can & do retrofit a customized internal structure to house the roller-assembly, resulting in a massive reduction in your costs !